Life is good

Sun, 2010-09-19 18:00
27. September 2009
Sunday afternoon, a beautiful autumn day, and down in the Rheingau valley the grapes are ripe.
Sitting on the restaurant terrace of Schloss Johannisberg, the old and favorite castle of the Counts of Metternich, with a fresh plum cake, cream and a hot coffee.
A warm breeze gently passes by, lizards are sunbathing on the thick warm stone walls, and the golden rays of the sun warm the soul. Breathing in the whole atmosphere, as much as I can get, to forearm against the coming grey winter cold… Oh, and of course I got some pictures, too…


Schloss Johannisberg
50° 0' 2.8368" N, 7° 59' 1.5216" E